Open mobility platform
for commercial lines
and fleets insurance

  • Turning insurance into a service
  • Device agnostic, AI-powered, MQTT-based
  • Benefits for the whole mobility chain

For insurers

  • Underwriting

    Instantly done, superhumanly precise

  • Claims

    Processed faster, cost less

  • Fraud

    Blown up by the objective data

For fleets

  • Insurance deals

    As favourable, so transparent

  • Claims

    Applied instantly, paid faster

  • Insurance terms

    Tailored to every mile driven

For OEMs

  • Revenue stream

    Multiplied by mobility services

  • Vehicle insurance

    Comes out-of-the box

  • Loyalty

    Boosted by personalized insurance

Draivn solutions

Insurance as a Service

Draivn provides a variety of insurance pricing models based on historical data, usage and behavior.

  • Pay as you drive

    Pay only by miles traveled.

  • Pay how you drive

    Premiums costs depend on usage and behavior.

  • On-demand insurance

    Wrapped on-click insurance policy for any car for any time period.

car picture

Connected claims

Our claims management tools are all about improving customer service and eliminating fraud.

  • AI-based collision detection

    Draivn analyses hundreds of messages to flawlessly detect even minor accidents.

  • eFNOL and Advanced claim management

    It takes literally seconds to detect an accident and deploy emergency services.

  • Accident reconstruction

    Detailed crash reports do not only tell the accidents storylines but also show what happened before them.

Risks and losses management

Our algorithms predict risks and bring underwriting to the next level.

  • Progressive risk assessement

    Receive an accurate assessment of clients risk leveraging processed hisorical and dynamics data.

  • Advanced underwriting

    UW becomes automated thanks to Telematics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowering dynamics pricing.

  • Claims and accidents reduction

    Improve portfolio and avoid claims before they happen revealing risky parameters.

risk picture

Value-Added services

Draivn increases income introducing a range of new services.

  • Additional non-insurance services and products

    Add-ons and premium services that are genuinely attractive to users.

  • Meaningful connections with your customers

    Deploy usage and behavioral data to deliver relevant messages for your customers.

  • Loyalty and rewards programs

    We empower you to make data-driven decisions and engage with your customers properly.

Working with Draivn


Loss Ratio

Dynamic tarrifs and more accurate coverage significantly reduce loss severity and frequency.



Understanding of vehicle usage and driver behaviour patterns and detailed accident reconstruction makes your business fraud-free.


Claims reduction

Accident prediction and prevention tools reduce the number of accidents and average claim cost.

Customer retention

Beneficial premiums, loyalty programs and new mobility services sky rocket customer engagement.

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